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SIS wins new contract!


SIS has been contracted by Borr Drilling Limited to implement management systems onboard and onshore! 35a1bd32-6ae4-4ae5-9963-3359746cf275-original

Borr Drilling is an international drilling contractor to the oil and gas industry, with the ambition of acquiring and operating modern drilling assets. The industry is currently under significant stress, and Borr Drilling wish to establish a platform upon which they can capitalize on identified opportunities. By uniting record low asset prices with a capable operating organization, Borr will take advantage of opportunities in a rapidly changing oil and gas industry. With their fleet of shallow water rigs, they will deliver safe and high quality drilling operations to their customers.

Borr Drilling is currently building an organization to support operations of their current and incoming drilling rigs. We are proud to support them to get the systems and procedures in place to support their drilling operations.

Borr_blue_logoSIS appreciates the trust put in our systems and our people, and we are looking forward to support Borr Drilling in their future endeavours.

During the last month we have been deploying Star Software to a pilot rig. Prior to the summer Holidays this work should be close to an end, proving a remarkable speed of deployment and creating data structure for complex rig operations.

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