About Star FSM and SISCommerce

Star FSM (Fleet Supply Management) is a centralized purchasing solution designed to manage the supply of vessels and rigs. The system is integrated with Star IPS and SISCommerce.

Star FSM is designed to assist in:

  • Generating or receiving requisitions
  • Approving requisitions
  • Generating inquiries
  • Comparing tenders
  • Generating purchase orders
  • Following up deliveries
  • Updating interacting systems with material and part prices
  • Receiving and approving invoices
  • Transmit invoices
  • Estimates and commitment data to accounting
  • Replicating data between rig/ship and the office

SISCommerce is an internet based e-procurement system integrated with Star FSM. The solution is designed to assist with the following:

Sending inquiries and orders without the use of e-mail or fax Receive quotations and order confirmations directly into the purchasing system – reducing time spent on retyping information received on e-mail or fax Ease the follow up of inquiries and orders by continously updating inquiry and order statuses

SISCommerce also provides roaming with other e-commerce portals such as WSS eCommerce and ShipServ.

About the training

The duration of the training is two days covering the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Star Information Systems AS
  • Introduction to and background information about Star FSM and SISCommerce
  • Demonstration of digitalizing information, the communication process, and invoice- and process flow
  • Demonstration of a purchase order from the beginning to the end, showing interaction between Star IPS (Star Information & Planning System), Star FSM, and SIS Commerce

The course is run on a standard database and is open to participants from different companies.

Find available courses in the Star Academy Training Calendar

Learn more about Star Academy or sign up for training, by contacting training@sismarine.com

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