To help our customers gain the most of their Star systems, Star Information Systems (SIS) provides training on various levels, from standard level to advanced users and system administrators. In addition to standard courses we can offer training on your company database, participation in officers’ conferences or workshops with you company.

Training options

Standard Level training courses

Star IPS
Star FSM and SISCommerce

Find available courses in the Star Academy Training Calendar

Administrator Training

Our administrator training is available on request and will have a very spesific agenda based on your requirements for the training. The content and focus will therefore be tailored every time and a combination of our agenda and the customer`s input and priorities for the training.

Training with your company`s database
Company database training is performed on the client’s database. If the client does not have a sufficient training environment, SIS can offer our portable classroom consisting of 6 laptops, that can be sent or brought to your company location.

Officers’ conferences
SIS offers participations in events such as officers’ conferences, internal meetings, and audits. This means we do Question and Answers sessions with the ship or rig owners’ personnel. Training locations

Trondheim, Norway At our head office in Trondheim, Norway, we have an equipped class room with workstations for up to 8 participants each.We are located in the central part of Trondheim and just a short walk from the many services of down town Trondheim.

In Trondheim we can offer you discounted rates at local hotels, and we may also assist in booking your stay at the hotel.

Internationally SIS provides training world wide in hotels or other SIS Offices. With our portable classroom we may also offer training at customer locations internationally.

Portable classrooms Our 2 portable classrooms consist of 6 laptops which can be sent to the preferred location. Language

Training is normally given in English, but we can also provide training in Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, and Portuguese. Information and booking

For more information or to book your training, please contact

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