About SIS

Star Information Systems (SIS) is a world-class provider of maritime software solutions and services. Our software is tightly integrated to allow efficient and safe operation of ships and rigs, and include modules for maintenance (PMS/CMMS), asset management, project/docking management , safety/HSEQ, document management, insurance and guarantee claims, procurement and e-commerce, KPIs, and reporting. SIS also provides consultancy services, system implementation, and product training.

The Star software has been used onboard vessels since 1997, but SIS’ founding shareholders have pioneered the development of IT-solutions in the marine and energy sectors for more than four decades, and are known as the people behind the SFI Group system and the TSAR and RAST maintenance systems.

Since the company was founded, SIS has strived to deliver state of the art software solutions for ship and rig management, and we are continuously improving our systems as well as developing new software to meet the high demands of the shipping and offshore industries. With our main office situated in Trondheim, the technology capital of Norway, SIS has close connections with Scandinavia’s largest independent research organization SINTEF as well as MARINTEK, the Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute.

SIS has specialized in software solutions for ships and offshore installations, but our software has proven perfect for use also on land rigs and industrial plants in both off-line and on-line environments. Our worldwide customer base covers all types of vessels including tankers, bulkers, liners, chemical and gas carriers, fishing vessels, passenger ferries, offshore support, seismic, drilling, and dredging vessels, and various types of land based and offshore rigs including FPSOs, jack-ups, and semi-submersible rigs.

The Star systems are based on standard Microsoft technology and use databases such as Oracle and MS SQL Server. The systems can be linked to any 3rd party software such as accounting, chartering/operations, crew/wages, etc.

Star Information Systems have offices in Norway, Brazil and Singapore. We also have a network of SIS agents worldwide for local support and implementation.

Star Information Systems – a Credible, Professional, and Dynamic software partner.

SIS Privacy Statement

Star Information Systems; services and applications use personal data; name, e-mail address and phone number, registered by the system owner (customer). Personal data in SIS systems and applications have no other purpose or usage other than to identify users of the system, and to track changes made within the service and application to the specific user.

Personal data will not be disclosed to 3rd parties, unless instructed by or permitted by the system/service owner (customer).

Unless explicitly stated otherwise by customer contract, the personal data is stored in Norway, in compliance with the security standards set by the EU GDPR regulation.

All employees in SIS and all consultants working on behalf of SIS have signed a non-disclosure agreement as part of their on-boarding process.

The following roles, in SIS, has access to data where personal data may be present[i]:


Customer information

Server access[ii]

Database access[iii]

Support ticket[iv]






Support agent















[i] Access to data is subject to customer contracts and may vary. The matrix above shows the typical access SIS is granted/needs to support the customer.

[ii] Server access is limited to servers with SIS applications and services installed/configured and is defined by customer.

[iii] Database access is limited to databases connected to SIS applications and services and is defined by the customer.

[iv] In addition to information supplied in the support ticket, personal data (typically name and email address) will be connected to the ticket for support and communication purposes.


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